Are you a Psychic or a Medium that wants to help the world,

but you are dealing with one of the following problems....


1) You want or need more clients to sustain your income and your lifestyle


2.) You have way too many clients and you are energetically drained



If you said yes to either one of those, listen to my video below; I'm here to help you.




I walk through your Donation Calendar Sheets, so that you are crystal clear on how much of your money is going out into the world 

I walk you through my Money Formula, so that you can feel abundant and clear when it comes to what your intention is, when it comes to receiving money in your business. This will help you help more people, without feeling energetically drained. 

The next steps in maximizing your time, as Psychic Medium, while living here as a human. 


I’m a Psychic Medium, BUT I didn’t always know that I was.  I used to think it was a sin to get readings, because I’m Catholic. Ever since I was a little girl, I've had out of body experiences and I've been drawn to the Blessed Mother, Angels, Saints, miracle stories, and crystals.  I’ve always been extra sensitive to everyone’s energy.   

My passion is teaching and I actually used to teach 3rd grade for 7 years. Before I get ahead of myself, I want to let you know how my gift was uncovered.  During my second day of teaching 3rd Grade my finance, Nick, passed away in a motorcycle accident. 

My life was seriously flipped upside down. The one thing that got me through each moment was when I was receiving signs from him. He sent me a bunch, including many visitations. I studied everything and anything that would help me communicate with him. I knew in my heart it was all real, but being the human that I am...I wanted more proof. So, I asked him to send me a Psychic Medium that would confirm everything he was telling me. And of course, that’s exactly what happened!   When I received that love and validation, I wanted everyone else to experience communication with their Loved Ones. So, for years I gave countless readings to people around the world, without charge. 

Finally, I realized how valuable my time and energy was and I started charging for my readings. I gave readings, while teaching. I’ve had some amazing mentors and one of them is World Renowned Psychic Medium, Lisa Williams. I’ve studied with Lisa and earned my Psychic Mediumship Certification and became a Spiritual Advisor ™ through Lisa Williams International School of Development. I've also taken several workshops, such as Trance Mediumship,  with Tony Stockwell. As time went on, my business got very busy and it was time to leave teaching in the school system. I now travel and deliver Messages from Heaven and teach others how they can do the same.

"Learning with Lindsay is fun and easy! She breaks everything down into simple steps which allow you to take in the new information without feeling overwhelmed. She truly has a natural ability for teaching. Plus, she just exudes so much love and positive energy. "

Jessica Marie

"Lindsay's energy is calming and warm .Lindsay has a gift, a true gift, with the ability to give readings that are accurate and spot-on."

Serena Dyer

"Lindsay is gentle, encouraging, approachable, and I feel she genuinely wants us to do well. She is clear & to the point & she’s great with experiential exercises too, which I feel like is really important for learning. "

Susan Ferraro

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