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"How to Use the Internet Effectively to Get More Clients: With 1 on 1 Service & Passive Income"

Fully putting yourself out there online & being vulnerable can be terrifying! I remember thinking...What will people think of me? What if I'm not good enough?Who wants to listen to me? I was spinning in a million directions & had no clue where to put my energy. 


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Are you struggling to get more clients to see you online because you have a secret fear of promoting yourself or you have no clue what to even post?

Learn 3 Secrets to help you feel more comfortable while sharing who YOU ARE online. 

Are you lacking confidence in charging what you're worth for your readings/healings, but you know you have to make a change?

Learn my strategies on how to get very clear on what you're charging and build belief in your value, to know what feels right for you. 

Are you unsure on where to go next in your business, to bring you to the next level (maybe it's going from part time to full time or maybe it's just getting started)? 

Learn the proven systems I put in place when transitioning through the phases in my business, so that you feel a sense of freedom knowing that you have a plan in place. 

Have you been wanting to impact more clients through passive income? 

Learn 5 Ways to Receive Passive Income while touching so many more clients in this world. 

I was in your shoes & I'm here to help you. 

My name is Lindsay Marino and I'm a full time Psychic Medium. I went from teaching 3rd Grade, afraid to charge for my readings, then got paid for them part time, to now working full time as a Psychic Medium. I love working with my clients all around the world and I also love living my life too, so this is why I've created systems that work for my lifestyle. It took countless hours of pulling my hair out to figure out what's best for both myself and my clients. There can be a balance that feels right for you and I would love to guide you in this. Are you ready to join me? If so, please bring a pen and paper to class. We will be diving deep and getting you very clear on exactly it is that you want, from doing your powerful work in the world. You should be feel energized from it, rather than feeling drained and overwhelmed. I'm here to tell you that it is possible doing what you love, while living your human life. 

I can't wait to see you in class. 

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