• You may be feeling completely overwhelmed because you're looking for Mediumship support & you don't know where to turn 
  • You want a program that simplifies EVERYTHING, with practical Mediumship exercises that actually work for YOU
  • You're feeling lost and lonely because you haven't found the right supportive group of heart-centered people

Unlock Your Inner Medium Programs are a high vibrational place to deepen your connection to spirit. Whether you're a beginner, an intermediate level Medium, or a working Medium with over 30+ years of experience my courses and VIP Mediumship Mentorship will bring you transformational shifts to uncover deeper development on your mediumship journey.

My Unlock Your Inner Medium Programs were created from the process of working with over a thousand Mediums worldwide, giving thousands of private readings, and traveling around the nation giving audience readings. 
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LEVEL 1: Mondays at 7- 8:30 pm EST, September 12- October 24 (2022)
LEVEL 2: Mondays at 7-8:30 pm EST, November 7 - December 19 (2022)
LEVEL 3: Mondays at 7-8:30 pm EST, January 9 (2023) - February 20 (2023)  

It's time to feel confident in your spirit connection.

I have a passion for teaching and simplifying "difficult" concepts.
I help Mediums start believing in not only the Spirit realm, but themselves.

I'm an International Psychic Medium that has encountered the beautiful and not so easy journey of Mediumship. I've created Unlock Your Inner Medium as a safe space learn how to dive deeper into Mediumship. Being a former 3rd Grade teacher, with my Master's in Education with over 18 years of experience in teaching I know what it takes to teach in a way that's both informative, fun, and impactful for your maximum results. 

I've given thousands of private readings and audience readings, worked with thousands of Mediumship students, had massive breakthroughs, shifts, struggles, and celebrations.  I create from a space of truth, knowledge, compassion, and give you the real and vulnerable stories.

This is why my NEW program "Unlock Your Inner Medium" has come out.  I've gathered my Mediumship stories, including my best mediumship exercises, and deep questioning, to put my heart and soul into everything you see in all 3 levels.


Do you want to deepen your connection with the Spirit Realm while feeling completely confident?

Unlock Your Inner Medium is designed to bring confidence to brand new Mediums and to the professional Medium that knows it's time to go back to dive deep into the basics break old patterns of self-doubt and push past the glass ceiling of comfort. Going back to the basics is exactly where deeper growth will occur. Are you ready? Let's do this. Choose one of the two options below:

  • Level 1 & VIP Live Group Mentoring 
  • Level 2 & VIP Live Group Mentoring 
  • Level 3 & VIP Live Group Mentoring 

*This package includes an online mentoring group community for the length of your sessions, and it's a spot to ask Lindsay questions.

Can't make all of the LIVE sessions? Don't worry, replays will be posted in our online community. 


  • Level 1 Self-Study 
  • Level 2 Self-Study
  • Level 3 Self-Study

*Each Level includes an Online Student Only Community for practice opportunities 




Lindsay's classes have been such a gift for me. I took Unlock your inner medium & Next Level Mediumship. I can’t say how thankful I am for finding her!  She is a generous and knowledgeable teacher and medium. Lindsay’s creates a safe and loving teaching environment that really has helped me open up and develop my mediumship and trust in myself. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to nurture and develop their abilities to spirit.

- Nicole Linde
Unlock Your Inner Medium Student

Are you brand new to Mediumship and have no clue where to start learning? Or maybe you're wanting a complete refresher on the details of Mediumship so that you can have the solid foundation to go deeper in each of your readings...

This program is not only for beginners of Mediumship, this program is also for Mediums that want to go back to the basics for a solid detailed foundation of Mediumship. You will learn step by step, detail by detail, the fundamentals of Mediumship, and how to give powerful mediumship readings. Whether you’ve taken mediumship courses or not, Level 1 will give you a solid space to realign with the principles of Mediumship with proven Mediumship exercises for hands-on practice.

  • This program is the foundation of Level 2 and Level 3.
  • I break down every single detail of how to receive information for a Mediumship reading, what it looks like to give a reading and what to know for sitters receiving the reading. 
  • You will learn how to go deeper with every piece of evidence there is and how to feel the essence of the spirit realm, so that you aren't getting the same info over and over again 
  • You will uncover your own beliefs around Mediumship and the fears that have been holding you back. 
  • Whether you're brand new to Mediumship or you've been working for 30 years, it's the perfect spot if you want to truly have A STRONG SKILLSET for your Mediumship.
  • In a house, if you don't have the proper foundation or you haven't patched it up when needed, it doesn't matter how tall you build always will have to correct the foundation for it to be sturdy. This is why I go through my own Level 1 to fine-tune my own Mediumship.  Level 1 is pivotal, even if you feel like you know some of the info--you will have huge transformations to take away from it. 
  • I have Level 1 packed with detailed information that will help you refine your Mediumship skills such as evidence like names, healing messages, significant dates, and more. 

Are you a beginner just looking to start with Level 1 ONLY? CLICK HERE  

Are you wanting to truly experience what it feels like to get a Mediumship Bootcamp so that you can push past the hump of being stagnant?

This program teaches you how to get more evidence, feel more confident, and trust spirit in new ways, It gives you a variety of ways to get creative with your readings to go deeper than you’ve ever gone before with specific mediumship exercises that use multiple clairs at the same time. It’s designed to help you move through any struggles and plateaus you’ve hit with your mediumship and give you a Mediumship reboot so that you can push past your comfort zone.

  • Level 2 gives you a variety of ways to get creative with your readings to go deeper than you've ever gone before with specific mediumship exercises that use multiple clairs at the same time.
  • Level 2 also covers ways for you to move through any struggles and plateaus  you've hit with your mediumship 
  • NOTE: If you haven't taken Level 1, I highly encourage it even though it's not mandatory. It will give you the proper foundation to go with this Level 2 program. 


Lindsay is an extremely gifted, evidential Psychic- Medium.  She has such a warm, authentic, and loving way about her that you feel like you are sitting with an old friend.  She delivers her information from Spirit with care, kindness and accuracy.  From the moment she started my reading right up until the very end the information, details and accuracy were spot on.  She channeled information about my loved ones on the other side and described their personality, hobbies, struggles etc.  She was able to dive right in and pinpoint exactly where I needed guidance and help in my life without me ever saying a word. Lindsay also intuitively channeled what would be coming up for me in terms of my personal and professional life. All of her guidance was in complete alignment of what my soul was feeling, (again, without me saying a word to her) I was truly in awe. My reading with Lindsay made me feel such a sense of peace, rejuvenation and excitement! My reading made me realize without a doubt we co-create our lives here. Lindsay is the real deal, and truly wants to help others.  I highly recommend a reading with her. If you are looking for a reputable, high quality Psychic-Medium look no further! Thank you Lindsay, I am forever grateful for your guidance.  Xoxo 

Debbie Squizzero, Psychic Medium
Private Reading Client & Student

Are you sick of the same old patterns of your Mediumship readings and ready to move past your plateau? Ready to try something new with your readings, to change up how they're feeling, so they feel exciting and meaningful?

This program is designed to break old patterns to spice up your Mediumship in a new way.  Level 3 is packed with deep-dive lessons that bring you to new heights in your Mediumship. Not only will your Mediumship change, but you will also change.

  • This program is for those that want to feel excited about Mediumship again or even continue to remain fulfilled while doing some deep inner work for your Mediumship to evolve like it's never evolved before. 
  • I share my own stories, reflections, and mediumship exercises so that you can continue to move through your Mediumship practices feeling more connected to Spirit
  • NOTE: This program is meant to go with Level 2. It's not mandatory, but it's highly encouraged. 


I absolutely loved my mediumship reading. Lindsay connected right away with my Loved ones that I wanted to hear most from and their messages were right on with what I had quietly prayed about before the reading started. There was not one detail missed and she read with 100% accuracy and authenticity. I highly recommend Lindsay if you need further clarity or to connect with your loved ones in spirit. Thank you.

Hope Taylor, Psychic Medium
Private Reading Client & Student


Unlock Your Inner Medium Programs are a high vibrational place to deepen your connection to spirit. It is packed with transformational mediumship exercises that bring your levels of awareness to new levels. All three levels are meant to be taken together.


Whether you join my self-study programs or my VIP programs, you will have a spot to post online when you want to practice your Mediumship homework exercises.


  • Teaching video lessons
  • Homework worksheets to further your mediumship development
  • Proven mediumship practice exercises to build your confidence
  • A community of students to practice your mediumship exercises on
  • Lifetime access of the program for the life of the program
  • LIVE & Recorded Group VIP Mentoring Sessions Private Online Group specifically for VIP Members, for the length of the VIP program


  • Teaching video lessons
  • Homework worksheets to further your mediumship development 
  • Proven mediumship practice exercises to build your confidence 
  • a community of students to practice your mediumship exercises  on 
  • Lifetime access of the program for the life of the program 


  • Students that are willing to not only watch the videos but willing to take action and practice the mediumship exercises. 
  • Students that want to be challenged to bring their mediumship to new levels
  • Students that are willing to carve out the time to get powerful results and be ready for the change that will occur in their life both personally and in their mediumship abilities
  • Members that are open to shifting their mindset, to propel them to the next level


  • Students that aren't willing to put in the work for mediumship practice
  • Students that don't have a dedicated mindset for their growth
  • Students that aren't willing to work with others


1. The most supportive Mediumship Community:

Over the last 19 years Lindsay has been teaching students in the public school systems and teaching over one thousand students from all around the world. She's learned exactly what it takes to foster a safe environment that allows rapid growth to take place.

2) Proximity to high-quality Mediums:

Lindsay believes that you become who you surround yourself with. Lindsay has a high standard for her members. It doesn't matter where her members are at, Lindsay will meet them with the proper tools to help their Mediumship journey.

3) Learn to fine-tune your Mediumship skills and how to solve problems/work through your struggles.

You will do this all while maintaining the momentum of your Mediumship. Lindsay believes that Mediumship is not only about practicing & mastering Mediumship's about having an unstoppable mindset filled with belief in not only the Spirit Realm but in yourself also.


Yes! Everyone has the ability to receiving information from the Spirit realm. The former 3rd-grade teacher in me never has gone away and I'm known by my students as the teacher that breaks everything down in the simplest way for the best results. 

Yes, I even take my own programs. Levels 1-3 are packed with information that will move you to a brand new confidence and mindset. You will start to notice your Mediumship change when you go back to the basics to fill in any gaps in your Mediumship or fine-tune what you already know. 

No, if you have the attitude that there is nothing else for you to learn then this won't be a good time for you to join. There are always beautiful possibilities of further growth. BUT, if you've taken dozens of Mediumship programs and mentorships and you're still willing to learn...then this is for you. Your Mediumship is meant to evolve over time and Mediums with over 30+ years can benefit from these programs. 

Yes, you will notice a common theme between these three programs and my last programs but they are completely different. My old Unlock Your Inner Medium students that have taken my Foundational Level and Next Level have already signed up for these programs because they have brand new content and stories that have been placed inside. I've gathered information from my audience readings, private readings, and mentorship student experiences and placed them inside of these programs. If you love my other programs you will love these even more. 


LEVEL 1: Mondays at 7- 8:30 pm EST, September 13- October 25 (2021)
LEVEL 2: Mondays at 7-8:30 pm EST, November 8 - December 20 (2021)
LEVEL 3: Mondays at 7-8:30 pm EST, January 10 (2022) - February 28 (2022)  no class on Feb 14th

I wanted to reach out and say thank you.  Thank you for your teachings.  Thank you for holding such a supportive space of love & trust that allow for growth and exploration.  Thank you for sharing.  Thank you for believing in your students. I was definitely called to enter into your group.  I am deepening my practice and this was part of my path.  I was looking to deepen my relationship with Spirit.  I wanted to step into more trust with my self.  More empowerment.  I wanted to move away from the doubt.  All of this required me to approach my discomfort.  To step into that place of uncomfortableness and see what was waiting.  It was not easy.  Each week I didn’t want to log in because of the discomfort I was experiencing.  All that said, I felt safe.  I felt invited.  I felt supported.  SO I DID IT.  I SHOWED UP.  And just WOW.  Each week I sat in disbelief of the readings.  I was a little mindblown. This morning I was called to reach out.  To share what I was feeling.  To express my gratitude.  You are a gift.  You radiate so much light.  It is an honor that I have crossed paths and had the opportunity to work with you.  I look forward to more teachings and learnings and growth experiences. 

Courtney Nolan
Unlock Your Inner Medium Student

Pricing Options

Do you want to boost confidence in your Mediumship & join us for Unlock Your Inner Medium? Let's do this!


Level 1 & VIP Live Group Mentoring 

Level 2 & VIP Live Group Mentoring 

Level 3 & VIP Live Group Mentoring 

*Each level includes an online mentoring group community for the length of session, for questions for Lindsay. 



  • Level 1 Self-Study 
  • Level 2 Self-Study
  • Level 3 Self-Study

*Each Level includes an Online Student Only Community for practice opportunities 


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